Amy Villalobos – Global Health Services and Insurance Specialist. NIB

Amy Villalobos

I would like to express our gratitude and commendation for the support and care provided by the staff at Retrieval Medics International to our NIB health fund member who was recently repatriated back to Kiribati. I would like to make special mention of Michael Simms and Ethan Dooley. We have been working with them closely and we cannot commend them highly enough. From the very first contact to the post repatriation report we have been kept informed every step of the way. Your company was quick to produce quotes, with different options to allow us to make an informed decision on the best repatriation option for our insured. You have all gone above and beyond to accommodate not only the needs of the insured but also his family. We look forward to working with your team again in the future.